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Desktop Parity Party

Posted 30 Aug 2013

Topcoat 0.7.0 is out and it has some features we've been looking forward to. The main goal was parity with the Topcoat Desktop Kit, but we also slipped in some new components, improved workflows for hacking on Topcoat, and added Autoprefixer.

Desktop Parity

This release was primarily focused on bringing the desktop stylesheets in parity with Topcoat Desktop Kit designed by Larz and Nic from Adobe XD. This parity means additional states like focus and hover that weren't previously a priority as we were focused on mobile. It also takes into account appropriate sizing and platform specific components, like List and Navigation Bar, which are now only included in the mobile stylesheets.

New Components

We have a couple of new components. Icon Button has returned, as well as the addition of Button Bar. Taking a look at our design repo, you'll notice we still have plenty of components left to build. Kristofer Joseph put together a deep dive on the component architecture to make it easier to get started if you'd like to help contribute.


The way Topcoat's build process has been designed; you can grab just what you need for your specific project and targeted platforms. We've taken that a step further by adding Autoprefixer. It uses the data from Can I Use to let you add only the vendor specific prefixes you need. This also frees up the source for the components to be vendor agnostic.

Topdoc 0.2.0

We use Topdoc to build the demo files from Topcoat's css. In this release we've updated the Topdoc spec to leverage a YAML syntax which give us improved flexibility in the component's metadata. Additionally we are now leveraging Topdoc to generate html demo files for the individual components and are publishing them on GitHub Pages at{ component name }

I will be posting a more detailed description of Topdoc soon.

Coming up in 0.8.0

With Desktop Parity in place we will be focusing on improving the theming workflow for the next release. Of course we'll also be adding more components, so watch the Topcoat Codepens to see what's coming next.

Also, look for Kristofer Joseph at PhoneGap Day EU in Amsterdam on Sep 24th.

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