CSS for clean and fast web apps.

Topcoat components deep dive

We have been getting a lot of people asking how they can help add components to Topcoat. What follows is an overview of our proposed workflow as well as some more in depth explanations into some of lesser known parts of the Topcoat architecture.

npm all the things

Topcoat 0.6.0 is hot off the wire and we are super happy with a few of the new additions. Here is a recap of what went into this release and some of the reasoning behind it.

Topcoat CI Environment

Today we are open-sourcing our Jenkins CI configs on Github. With Jenkins CI environment, every commit that goes into Topcoat components triggers the chain of building, unit testing and performance benchmark testing. So if something goes wrong, we know it right away.

Introducing Topcoat

Topcoat is a brand new open source CSS library designed to help developers build web apps with an emphasis on speed. It evolved from the Adobe design language developed for Brackets, Edge Reflow, and feedback from the PhoneGap app developer community.